Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spinning: It's a Wonderful Life

Meet Zuzu, my new spinning wheel.  When a friend of mine heard that I had just traded my beloved Louet S-10 for this Schacht Ladybug, she asked me if I had named my new wheel yet.  It hadn't occurred to me to do so.  I loved the idea!  Of course she should have a name.  After spinning on her for the first time, I quickly realized what a difference the double treadles make for me. It feels like I could spin forever without getting tired.  And now that I drive a manual car, using both feet at once is second nature.  As I was spinning away happily, this scene from It's a Wonderful Life popped into my head:
"Zuzu's petals! Zuzu's petals!"
 Well, her pedals, that is…
It feels like Christmas every time I sit down to spin.

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