Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wearing: Outlander

We both have been looking forward to watching the first episode of Outlander this past week.  The costumes are compelling so far, especially Claire's stunning coat from 1945 and the outfit she wears when she falls through time.  It got us digging through our fall staples in spite of the August humidity.

We started with the basics:  a skirt and sweater.  Classic pieces are timeless and are the perfect canvas for interesting accessories like a belt, shawl, handbag, and brogues.

The plaid shawl was a natural choice.  Claire abandoned her grey woolen one, much to our chagrin.  We predict that plaid will be very popular in autumn fashion guides...  though, honestly, is plaid ever out of style?  This particular shawl combines flattering colors with warmth and the large size lends itself to a multitude of different stylish ties.

Our great-grandmother's pocketbook fit in perfectly with our historical theme.  Though it is not terribly practical for a busy mother on a daily basis, it is a nice accessory for special occasions. 

 Emily bought these brogues at a deeply discounted price in the late spring and was excited to notice that Claire wore a similar pair on her tramps through the country looking for medicinal herbs. 

We can't wait to see what future episodes have in store. This show is sure to inspire us throughout the fall. 

Skirt:  Land's End
Sweater:  Eddie Bauer
Belt:  Target
Shawl:  Land's End
Handbag:  Vintage
Shoes:  Cole Haan

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  1. Genius! You just inspired me to make my own Dressing Outlander post (series??) I too was disappointed that Claire ditched the gray wool shawl after going through the stones, and the wool dress she was wearing was superb. I've been on the hunt for a pair of wearable brogues for ages! Those are very cute and so similiar to Claire's!! Well done.