Friday, September 26, 2014

The Reading Promise...

I found out about The Reading Promise through Sarah's Instagram account and immediately checked the library for a copy.  I borrowed it a few weeks ago and read it very quickly.  It is such a well-written memoir and it really encouraged me to re-double my efforts to read aloud to our children!  

Growing up, my father read to us every night that he didn't have to work.  Papa would only read Classics to us and I remember laying on the floor of our bedroom (it had to be cleaned up prior to reading time) drawing and coloring while we listened to him. 

 I try to read to our little ones before bedtime each night, but we have a wide variety of different choices:  spiritual reading, poems, chapter books, magazines, and picture books.  Something that has helped me a lot is to keep a basket by my bed with all of our current reading material in it.  I also try to have our older children practice their reading aloud at this time as well.  We've had to start bedtime a little earlier than we used to so that we can read, but it has been a good change! 

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  1. what a lovely post! thanks for sharing! I do need to read that book...